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Communicating your Retirement
July 18, 2022

Communicating Retirement

How do you break the news to people in your life that you’re retiring? Springing the decision on everyone with little to no warning is not the best way to do it. Like many things in relationships, it’s not ok to make a major life decision without talking to the people closest in your life about it first. That would only make it harder for the other person to digest.

With that being said, getting the word out about retirement to your family, friends, and significant other in an effective way can be challenging. You might feel frightened, frozen, or even overwhelmed. We know it may seem like the future is uncertain, but you can overcome that with a few simple steps.

Come to Terms

While many people come home from work and complain about their day, it may be time to do something about it instead of continuing this bad habit. Accepting that maybe it’s time to start thinking about retiring is the first step to success in this situation. Figure out a set date, think about how it may affect the people around you, and try to understand any triggers causing you to feel the need for retirement. Examples of triggers can be anything ranging from a feeling of uneasiness at work, not loving new management or work colleagues, to exhaustion or a sudden career change.

Have a Plan

Think about how you are going to express your retirement to people in your life. Talk to them about how you’re feeling physically and emotionally, work triggers, or anything that is bothering you. Relate your intentions with as much detail as you possibly can so they can truly understand why you’ve made this decision. The last thing you want to do is bring up a foreign topic or catch anyone by surprise. Say whatever you have to say in order for them to catch on, but also, plan on walking them through your timeline so that they feel included in the transition and it won’t be a load of information to process all at once.

Work Together

You aren’t in this alone. People go through the retirement processes every day. The best way to remain calm and have this be a successful transition is to work together with the people in your life. Whether that’s a significant other, friends, or family, these are the people who you can lean on for support when you need them. Use them as a resource. Try your best to explain what you think is the best plan, and be open to listen to feedback and input. One thing to avoid is creating a retirement plan then sticking it in front of your partner’s face with little to no warning. This is an opportunity to work with each other as a team, not compete against each other. Sincerity and forethought in this conversation will go a long way.

Retiring doesn’t have to be as scary as it’s made out to be. It’s a process that everyone goes through daily. Coming to terms with the idea, having a plan on how you’ll communicate it, and working together as a team are simple steps anyone can take to relieve the stress caused by the retirement process. Remember, you aren’t alone. A happy retired life is right around the corner with a wonderful community of others ready to embrace this phase of life!

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