Announcing My Retirement & What Comes Next
December 30, 2018

After a 38-year career, I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially decided to retire and begin a new stage of my life. My last day at work was December 31st, 2018—and my wife, Jody, retired the same day.

Yesterday, we spent time reflecting on our careers and how blessed we are to reach this stage in our lives. We’re grateful to be able to celebrate all of the successes we’ve had, all that we’ve learned, and all that we’ve done to date. Now, we’re excited to announce what comes next.

First, let me give you a little background. When we started thinking about ending our careers two years ago, we were concerned about all the unknowns—two in particular.

We were worried about losing the large communities we’ve built over the last four decades, and the anxiety of filling the next 40 years that will come our way. Many people look forward to doing nothing all day after being in stressful, demanding careers—but that’s not for us.

That’s when we came up with a new philosophy: Retirement. Transformed.

After much research, interviews, focus groups, writing and thinking, we’ve decided to launch a new company to help us and others find a way to live this new strange world of retirement with passion, purpose, and clarity. Visit to learn more about our latest venture, with the official launch scheduled for Spring 2019.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and weeks as we prepare to help you live a retirement transformed.

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