Do you wish you were 23 again?
July 9, 2021

23 Again_Retirement

It might seem like a silly question, but let’s dig a little deeper.

We recently visited with our 23-year-old daughter and her friends on Rainey Street in downtown Austin, Texas.  What a lively location, filled with people, bars, nightclubs parties, food trucks and fun!   After an exciting night of hanging out and connecting with vibrant, worldly young adults, we got to thinking…would we want to be 23 again? (We discussed this topic on one of our Facebook lives in our Retirement Transformed Community)

It’s a loaded question and really depends on how you would show up at 23.  Would you be able to go back to 23 with the wealth and knowledge of experiences you have accumulated or are you just contemplating if you could be 23 in today’s times like these young adults?  Jody and I have somewhat different opinions on this however, we do agree that the most important thing you can do is to show up at whatever age you are and really be present and embrace what each age and experience has to offer.  You want to ensure that each phase of your life is living up to its fullest potential so that you can live your life with no regrets and be grateful for each stage of life.     

When living a Retirement Transformed lifestyle, we encourage you to live for the moment with purpose and passion so that you aren’t longing for past phases of your life.  We want you to be forging a path that will have others looking forward to their retirement years as well!  Find that hobby, conquer that physical wellness goal, build a greater connection with your family.  Whatever it is, NOW is the time to discover and embrace this opportunity of time, wisdom and perhaps financial means.  

This doesn’t mean that you can’t reflect on your life and cherish your favorite years.  You can let some of your favorite phases of life be a great reminder of what you could infuse into your current phase.   If your younger years were filled with a little more spontaneity or fun…. Well add that into your life now!   And remember, this is the youngest you will ever be.  So, live this phase of your life to its fullest!

We challenge you to make one of your future ages be the one you look back on and say it was one of the greatest ever!