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Making Your Time Matter: Quality versus Quantity
August 8, 2022

Quality vs Quantity

The beauty of being retired is that you have so much more free time on your hands and the freedom to choose how you spend it. Use this time as an opportunity to deepen the relationships you care most about. The goal is to have an equal balance of quantity and quality time spent with your loved ones. Unfortunately, finding ways to assure quality time in relationships can be difficult.
The difference between quality time versus quantity time is that quality time is a standard or caliber of time that we spend with friends, loved ones, and our spouse whereas quantity of time is just how much physical time is spent with them. Taking advantage of quality time means being focused, intentional, and engaged throughout all of your interactions with the people you care about. 

Why is quality time so important?

The only way to bond strongly with loved ones is by carving out time to be with them mindfully and without distractions. When you’re being mindful, you’ll feel more present. From here, you’ll be able to look back and appreciate the memories that were made. Being present also helps to create everlasting, genuine relationships. Spending quality time with someone can help make them feel important to you and feel like they have your love and support.

Ways to assure quality time

We’ve come up with some simple ways to make sure you’re spending good quality time with the people you care most about. These have helped us and we know they will help you. 
1. Organize specific activities. These can be things like dinner alone, a family vacation or birthday party, kayaking, and biking. You want to plan these activities ahead of time because this guarantees the success of your quality time.

2. Try to be present. Turn off any technologies that distracts you from being in the moment.

3. Use words of affirmation. Send someone a text saying how you’re looking forward to your plans, then follow up with another message expressing how much you enjoyed it. 
These effortless acts will make such a difference in your quality time. You may as well take advantage of the time you have with your loved ones now that you are retired. Always plan ahead and be present and grateful. Quality time is just as important as quantity time.